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Fuelling all the good things in
life, for the better

With over 50 years of experience, Solar Gas is the preferred
LPG supplier for Malaysians, by Malaysians

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Image of a man

Image of a man

About Solar Gas

Solar Gas is the preferred supplier of LPG which handles the importing, storing, bottling and distribution of LPG in cylinders for domestic, commercial and industrial market across Peninsular Malaysia.

As a fast-growing  company standing strong since 1969, Solar Gas takes pride in being purely Malaysian, entrusted to keep consumers everywhere in safe hands with over 50 years of experience in the local market.

Product Range

Product Range

We specialize in providing LPG solutions that cater to all your needs, be it domestic, commercial, or industrial usage.

So, rest assured, whether it’s your home cooking, or business needs, you can trust us to deliver a safe and reliable supply of LPG.

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C1414kg Domestic

Compact Valve tank


  • Subsidized product
  • The most sought Solar Gas product
  • Suitable for domestic usage
  • Available in gold cylinders

Always Practise Proper Handling

LPG cylinders are always safe in good hands – which is why it’s important for you to understand
the safety measures that come with handling them.

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LPG is highly flammable

Keep LPG cylinders away from heat and sources of ignition like lit cigarettes and open burning areas.

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Do not attempt to modify or obstruct the cylinder regulator as it will impact the operating pressure and affect performance or cause leaks.

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Use only equipment approved by SIRIM (BS-3212 / MS-2086) to avoid the risks of gas leak and flash fires due to non-certified products.

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